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Aspect Dr, Aspect, Cosmedix, Societe, Mesoestetic, PCA & Skinceuticals ALL 17% to 40% OFF
Aspect Dr, Aspect, Cosmedix, Societe, Mesoestetic, Skinceuticals & PCA - ALL 17% to 40% OFF

About Us

Atone Skin Clinic has been delivering outstanding, industry leading skin solutions to Melbournians since 1999. We are considered one of Australia’s top Clinic achievers for 2 decades. We have a particular style that doesn’t follow trends but rather sets trends. We dance to the beat of our own drum and that drum is always focused on delivering to clients what they want.

We occupy that rare space between nurturing / wellness and high end / clinical. Our focus is always on delivering great results with every single treatment or product.


Our mission is to provide accessible, current, understandable, functional and visible skin solutions to consumers. We believe in making you the driver of your skins results through simple yet effective education so you actually understand why you need a certain ingredient and what results it will deliver to your skin.

Great skin results is not a complicated process, once you understand the basic formula of what skin actually needs you become an informed consumer that knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff. You become a consumer that has the knowledge to make informed decisions and never again waste your beauty dollar on products that simply won’t work.

We educate, inform and sell ingredients not labels. It is the ingredient that exists behind the label that is either capable or not capable of delivering the desired result. Too often clients make purchase decisions based on brands and packaging not based on ingredients.

We always lead with the ingredients. It is ingredients that change skin not the packaging or brand. However we know from the brand you are using if it is capable of changing your skin or delivering the desired result. In many cases clients are using brands that cannot and will not change their skin based on the inadequate ingredients or the inadequate concentration of the ingredient.


The Atone Skin brands are carefully selected to be all things to all people. No one brand can be all things to all people so we have a carefully curated selection that covers all bases. Some brands are brilliant at exfoliation, others are great at hydration, some have hero products for antioxidants etc etc…..

We cherry pick the best of the best in the Australian market and bring them together to offer you product (or rather ingredient) cocktails that will delivery you the results you deserve.

Our brands are mostly Australian owned and manufactured. Our brands are always cruelty free and free of all of the nasties found in low end skincare. We stock anything from high end Australian cosmeceuticals and cosmedical brands to leading global cosmeceutical brands to local organic and wild harvested brands. We believe in delivering a diversity of ingredients to satisfy the skins needs from bio engineered retinol (Vitamin A) for example to the lush and earthy boab oil which is wild harvested in Western Australia based on indigenous ingredient knowledge.

We at Atone Skin love to mix it up with a variety  of exciting and current product options that are diverse and multi layered. Your skin will perform best when it is being exposed to each of these product styles. One to stimulate and de age the other to heal and protect. Brands will be updated routinely to always bring you the best of the best that our industry offers. We are committed to bringing you the best ingredient technology, formulations and value for money that is available. 


Picture Of Bridgit - Atone Skin Clinic

Bridgit is the founder of Atone Skin Clinic and is considered an industry leader. Bridgit has a wealth of knowledge within the aesthetics industry and is committed to delivering to her clients all of the above.

Bridgit says…… “ It is my passion to correct the misinformation the average consumer has about skincare. In the decades that I have been consulting and treating clients it is exactly the same confusion and lack of correct information that I see in almost all new clients that come to us. Clients are desperate for results, spend thousands of dollars trying to get results, use countless products trying to improve their skin, invest in treatments and still the results they desire don’t arrive. It is so frustrating to hear and I feel their pain.

Once we set them straight and explain to them the very simple formula, boom, results are visible and within 2 weeks they are getting comments from friends about how great they look. The results continue to climb and climb from that point. This is why I continue to do what I do as helping clients to demystify the world of skincare and put them in the drivers seat of their own results and it is so satisfying…….“