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Cleansers are the corner stone to all skin care routines. Many people spend money on expensive serums etc and think they can save money by buying cheap cleansers. This thinking is the formula for tracking skin backwards quickly and it will result in undoing all of the good work of your serums or moisturisers.

Think of your cleanser as the step that sets the skin up for all of the steps to follow. If you are not cleaning effectively, balancing and conditioning your skin properly with each cleanse then your skin cannot track forward due to the fact that every time you cleanse, which is mostly twice daily the skin is being aggressed, irritated and stripped. Stripping the skin can lead to all sorts of concerns like resulting in an impaired barrier (dangerous for infections) broken capillaries, sensitised skin and accelerated ageing.

I often hear that clients don’t cleanse in the morning as they feel that they haven’t done anything except lie in bed. This is also a wrong mindset as the skin is a large excretion organ and lots of impurities are being eliminated from the body via the skin, furthermore dust and debris sticks to our skin as we walk through the air, so it needs to be cleansed effectively morning and night.

If you are wearing makeup always double cleanse at night, You can use a gentle cleanser to remove your makeup and then follow with a more active cleanser, one that uses AHA’s for extra exfoliation a few times per week. Granule cleansers are a good way to aid exfoliation and buff off dead cells, I like a granule cleanser that also contains AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) as the granule will mechanically buff dead cells while the AHA’s will help the dissolve the bonds that hold the dead cells onto the skin resulting in fresher, cleaner, clearer skin.