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Aha Serum

 AHA’s – Alpha Hydroxy Acids – fruit acids – AHA’s are the best ingredients for dissolving dead cells (exfoliation) that sit on the surface of the face gently and effectively, speeding up cell turnover, creating a healthy, fit and responsive skin. Normalising the pH, stopping all of that oiliness, dryness or silly behaviour in skin, creating a healthy & harmonious happy skin all month long. Assist in skin becoming deeply hydrated, when we remove dead cells our topical hydrators will penetrate more deeply, it pushes moisturisers into the epidermis and it forces the cells to produce more of the skins own natural hydration which is a substance called hyaluronic acid. Skin plumps up from within as well as looking truly radiant from the outside.

Atone Skin Clinic based in Nth Carlton Melbourne stocks a wide range of high quality Cosmeceutical, botanical and organic Skin Care AHA Serums, and we ship Australia-wide.

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