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Moisturisers are an essential part of any skin care routine.  Without that protective layer/coating the skin is prone to transepidermal water loss, environmental aggression, dehydration and accelerated ageing. Moisturisers are made up of a water and oil emulsion that provides essential hydration to the skin.

A good moisturiser derives its oil component from natural sources that feed, protect and nourish the skin. A poor moisturiser derives its oil component from cheap, synthetic and toxic sources, primarily synthetic mineral oils. These are dangerous and damaging to the skin, they do not feed and nourish the skin and they don’t restore or heal the skin. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs food just like our internal bodies do to function well and maintain a youthful appearance. These types of moisturisers are best avoided not only for our internal health but to maintain the integrity of our cells and promote cell optimisation.

A good moisturiser will be formulated from natural sources so that it feeds and nourishes the skin.  It will contain essential fatty acids that are building blocks for skin, it will have peptides that encourage cell communication within the skin.  It will have essential vitamins like A, B, C & E. All of these vitamins do different things within the skin from brightening, collagen, cell turnover and cell optimisation. A good moisturiser will stay on the skin for a minimum of 8 hours. This is not an easy thing to formulate, many of the cheap, synthetic moisturisers evaporate after 2 hours or so which is totally inadequate, leaving the skin bare and exposed to the elements and crying out for hydration and quenching. This right here is one of the biggest mistakes people make, thinking they are moisturising in the morning and come to the middle of the day their skin is dry and uncomfortable. 

Atone Skin Clinic based in Nth Carlton, Melbourne stocks a wide range of high quality Cosmeceutical, Botanical and Organic Skin Care Moisturisers that are peptide, essential fatty acid, vitamin rich and will feed, nourish and repair the skin. We also ship Australia-wide.