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Bha Serum

BHA’s – Beta Hydroxy Acid – Salicylic Acid – not to be used if pregnant, breastfeeding or wanting to get pregnant, This ingredient is the best for dissolving oil and exfoliating from the top down – unlike AHA’s which perform 3 fantastic functions – BHA’s only perform 2 functions primarily which are to dissolve oil such as that found in blackheads, acne, papules and pustules and to dissolve dead cells. BHA’s are drying as it is dissolving oil, great for skins that have concerns with oil but not great for dry skins to use regularly. Can be used as an all over solution or to spot treat blemishes. We do have products that contain both AHA’s & BHA’s together at Atone Skin and these products are great for combination skins.

Atone Skin Clinic based in Nth Carlton Melbourne stocks a wide range of high quality Cosmeceutical, botanical and organic Skin Care BHA Serums, and we ship Australia-wide.

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