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Aspect Dr, Aspect, Cosmedix, Societe, Mesoestetic, Skinceuticals & PCA - ALL 17% to 40% OFF

Retinol Serum

Vitamin A – Retinol – this is the king of all anti ageing ingredients and it is said that you should be on Vitamin A as soon as you can for as long as you can. Vitamin A is an antioxidant so it protects your skin from free radical damage it will increase cell turnover purging redundant cells from your skin, it will act as a cell communicator getting cells functioning at optimum, it will re metabolise your cell turnover, it will encourage the production of collagen and elastin, it will help to fade pigmentation, it will assist with hydration and can treat anything from cystic acne, scarring, sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles and the loss of elasticity.

Retinol can be irritating to some skins as it is very active, it is really a case by case prescription of Vitamin A. Some people can use the highest strength (1%) nightly others can only use (0.5%) every 3rd night. That doesn’t mean they are not getting the same result it just means that the Vitamin A receptors in their skin are more sensitive to the ingredient. Discuss with your therapist the right dosage for your skin. Vitamin A is always to be used at night as it can be reactive to the sun. Never use Vitamin A and AHA’s or BHA’s together as they are both active and will be over stimulating for your skin,

.The only exception to this if you are spot treating only with BHA you can do that over your spot once you have applied your Vitamin A serum.

We do have slow release, deep functioning, low irritating versions of Vitamin A available that all skins can tolerate every night – O Cosmedics Retinoic Oil. If you experience a retinoic response that is ongoing to Vitamin A then this product would be a great one for you.

Atone Skin Clinic based in Nth Carlton Melbourne stocks a wide range of high quality Cosmeceutical, botanical and organic Skin Care Vitamin A  Serums, and we ship Australia-wide.

  • ASAP Super A+ Serum 30ml - Atone Skin
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    ASAP Super A+ Serum

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    The ASAP Super A+ Serum is pure Retinol combined with an anti-ageing Biomimetic Tripeptide stimulates collagen and accelerates cell renewal. Crossl...

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    Original Price $99.00
    Current Price $79.20
    Save 20%